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i can’t stand when I’m talking to someone and all their doing is staring at my hair like wdf 

Anonymous said: My parents never gave me any money. In fact, I moved out my senior year. I'm about to start college with a full ride scholar ship to a decent school because I took hard classes and got all A's. It is possible. In fact, I find it offensive that you don't think people like me can have success.


Piss off, I got a full ride too, doesn’t mean I could afford shit like notebook paper, and food, doesn’t mean I could afford shit like warm clothes, or clothes that fit when I became so skinny, and borderline anorexic, from not being able to eat. I haven’t even fucking finished because even when you get a full ride, even when the university tried to cover you and get you to graduate shit happens. I got raped, and my grandparents fucking died, because a fucking doctor didn’t read what my grandpa was allergic to and my grandma couldn’t afford to get her infected tooth treated and died of septic shock. I didn’t have finances to cover shit like therapy or meds, I’ve been off my meds since and now I’m extremely in debt from medical bills because I have kidney stones and sometimes you can very literally die if you don’t go into the ER because of them, and I had to withdraw because at the end of the term I was sick, anorexic, depressed, and traumatized, now I owe my university 10k before I can fucking transfer somewhere in the state I got stuck in due to wanting to be at a funeral of those I loved. 

I got straight fucking As, all across the board, which is why I ended up withdrawing because I was afraid of fucking up my GPA and losing everything, in the end I lost quite a lot anyway. So good for fucking you, you’re a piece of shit anomaly, so am I. What the fuck does this prove for the majority of people that get fucked over by the education system, and the finance system. What the fuck does this prove to anyone. That you made it? I don’t give a single fuck. Talk to me after you finish college you little shit. And tell me why first generation students have a more difficult time completing college at all let alone on time, or are you even first generation I don’t even give a shit, you don’t know what you’re talking about and you’re about to enter a cold reality.


Why don’t tall guys like short girls?


I drink so much water these days.

my rabbit thinks she’s slick af

she’ll do something naughty and then lick me as if doing something nice is going to distract me from her fuckry

weirdosroom replied to your post: “I can’t understand karrueche is …

What did she do ?

making jokes about beyonce and jay z not combing blues hair