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wearethenightsgoodthings said: Both your hair and your blog are gorgeous. :) Question? How do you wrap your hair up at night? I've been experimenting with different ways, and was wondering how you do it.

Thank you :) . If my hair is curly I put it in a high loose pony tail also known as the pineapple and if its straight I wrap it. If its curled and straight I twist my hair into two Bantu knots



I’m not chasing a nigga. If I’m taking initiative and you’re dry as fuck I’m not hunting down your feelings for me. Fuck your feelings.

Anonymous said: Why won't you answer questions about your hair?


Because I don’t have to. Because I’ve already answered the same 15 questions 500 times in the past. Because it’s expected of me like I’m you bitches mom or something. Because people are lazy as shit and don’t want to do their own research like I did when I was watching 2 million videos a day on YT on how to be natural or how to make cut offs or how to braid….Because I don’t understand why you have to be anon when asking me about my physical appearance. Because people don’t realize that just bc smthg works for me doesn’t mean it’s going to work for them. Because I’m not a trained hair licensed professional.