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sideshowmichelle replied to your post: I hate guys that drop the most cringe …

Guys are dumb.


See when you allow and accept things.Nothing changes 


If black people had this blaze attitude during the civil rights movement we would still be chilling at the back of the buss


inside-ofyou replied to your post: Like that word burns my spirit when us…

I used to be like that but now I refuse to let one word upset me. I do stand up & say it’s not okay, if necessary but it doesn’t hurt me so much anymore. Remember people are stupid. Don’t let them have so much power over your peace of mind love

Nah martin luther king didn’t die so they could be low key racist all willy nilly and me allow it. Forget that 

amarie-di-caprio replied to your post: I knew one white girl that tried to sa…

…I had a white best friend that pretty much said, “Yeah, you can’t put all the world history atrocities and inequality on white people. Things were bad BACK THEN, but it’s in the past and we need to just be mature about it.” The ignorance reeked.

I cant even -_________________-

I knew one white girl that tried to say the phrase “my nigga” as a joke. I told her to apologise real quick as I counted back from 5 because she was about to receive the dirtiest smack in her mouth. 


Consequently we were no longer friends after that 

Like that word burns my spirit when used by white people. I get flash backs of all the pictures I’ve seen of black people hanging from trees. It tears at my soul I wouldn’t hesitate to catch a case over that word being used at me I swear to god I’m the wrong one

White people don’t cease to amaze me 

Now they’re arguing that they can use the word nigga

i wish one would to my face because they would get touched 

*sings* you don’t know me like that 

Guys are the most gassed individuals. Who are you girls that are entertaining this foolish talk and why are you encouraging males to talk like say we’re in a disney movie 

I hate guys that drop the most cringe worthy bars on me when they’ve known me all of five seconds. Its so annoying just be normal jesus. Talking bout

"i was star struck the moment i laid eyes on you" 

Adonbilivit. pipe the fuck down

its a lot easier for me to learn a song in spanish than any other language 

"My mind cant focus on a got damn thing cos I’m waiting for this news faaack"

I love photography will all my heart but I’d chose this over it always.