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Maya @ Models1

Anonymous asked: if you dont mind me asking, what camera do you use? your photos are breathtaking.

I use all kinds of cameras mostly my DSLR & thank you  :) x

I can get up for shoots and to do business work no problem… uni alas is another story 

I learnt never to stay and gwak at my siblings or cousins when they were getting beats because I’d always get roped in for something that I’d done previously when I heard “and you ah next one” I scarped mate or I would be getting beats right along side em.

"I used to get beat with shoes and wet flannels all the damn time"

Them times when your siblings used to get into trouble with your parents

I remember one time my little brother tried to throw a tantrum while we were out with my dad. He was maybe four and I ten. It was something he’d recently picked up at nursery and thought he’d try his luck with my dad. He promptly thew himself on the ground whilst out in the market and proceeded to scream in a passion. I looked at him in horror pondering his madness and whether he know our dad was crazy. 

My dad wound his fist round my brothers tshirt and hoisted him in to the air by it. My brothers small feet dangling in mid air as my dad brought him face to face with him (we’re in the middle of the market you know) . He whispered to  him that if he didn’t stop he would cut his ass when he got home if he didn’t stop. 

When I tell you my brother is the best behaved child out of all my siblings,never gets into trouble and he never ever acted crazy like that with my dad again. NEVER 

My dad  never beat me growing up he put the fear of god into me enough to never have to. He did make me go and pick my belt one time (Luckily I wasn’t the culprit for the crime i was accused for) but I lord knows I made sure I never had to go pick my belt ever again.

I don’t care if you disagree a cut ass never hurt no body it made alot of us better people

I’ve seen so many videos this week of just regular beatings (they were deserved too) and people  exclaiming how it was child abuse (namely white people) its soo annoying to hear them say that the parents need to be arrested. Getting beats with the belt I know is a regular thing in the west indies and I don’t want to sound off but I see white kids do and say off the wall shit to their parent’s that black kids would never for fear of that same cut ass that the white people are so outraged by. In my option if they shot their kids ah box once in a while they wouldn’t be so out of order. Because this naughty corner and step dont seem to be working. I’ve seen them super nanny programmes